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Chelsea Flower Show 2016 - Highlights

Chelsea Flower Show also celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday this year, with a debut display from New Covent Garden Flower market in The Pavilion. Designed by Ming Veevers Carter, who has been going to the Flower Market for thirty years, it is a two sided display. One side shows the  Queen’s head outlined in various blooms each painstakingly watered and checked over daily and the other 112 typical flower buckets used to sell flowers at the market in a refined palette of whites and greens. The stand took 6 months of planning and weighs 2.5 tonnes, the same as the Diamond Jubilee State Coach.

Chelsea 2016
Chelsea 2016 - New Covent Garden Flower Market 
The ‘Brand’ New Covent Garden Flower Market opens at Vauxhall in January 2017.

Chelsea 2016 - New Covent Garden Flower Market 

The rear of the New Covent Garden Flower Market display at Chelsea 2016.
The rear of one of the gentlemen at the potato display in the The Pavillion, Chelsea.

Every year there tends to be a trend at Chelsea, this year for me, the most common theme seemed to be grasses, lots of grasses interplanted with flowers continuing the naturalistic approach of recent years. And amongst the purple and white beginning to appear were splashes of the orange spectrum from peach to rust especially I noticed rusty orange specked bearded iris, which I only saw on one stand last year, this – they were everywhere. I suspect a lot of chosen plants were unavailable due to the late flowering.

Rust coloured iris
Peach iris
Coral peony
Iris and grasses
Chelsea Flower Show 2016
Chelsea Flower Show 2016
The Mathematics Garden
Heuchera and grasses
Other odd photos, The Morgan Stanley Garden for Great Ormond Street by Chris Beardshaw

Morgan Stanley - Great Ormond Street garden

 Alliums and Hostas inside The Great Pavilion, which covers 3 acres.

Lily of the Valley with a striped leaf - interesting.

A foxglove with a split flower called ‘Pam’s Split’

Digitalis purpurea - Pam’s split
Digitalis purpurea - Pam’s split
White Verbascum - Flush of White.

Flush of White - Verbascum
  Look closely at this orchid and you may be able to spot a dragon’s head.

Tolkien orchid

Sculptures at Chelsea Flower Show.

James Doran-Webb driftwood sculpture were there again, each made and shipped from the Philippines Chelsea is his only UK show case.

James Doran-Webb
James Doran-Webb

Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too.
And lest we forget  - what started out as two Australian ladies knitting a tribute of 120 poppies to honour their fathers for Remembrance Day 2013, now has an estimated 50,000 contributions in recognition of Anzac (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp) Day 2015 and now here at Chelsea Flower Show in 2016. An amazing sight.

50,000 crocheted Anzac poppies
A sea of remembrance poppies
Chelsea Flower Show 2016

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